Robi SIM Number Check Code

Robi is the second largest telecommunications operator in Bangladesh with over 50 million subscribers. If you use a Robi SIM card, it’s important to know your assigned mobile number. There are several reasons you may need to confirm or check your Robi phone number. This article provides a simple USSD code to check your Robi SIM number instantly.

Being able to check your mobile number is useful in many situations. For example:

  • When you need to provide your contact number but can’t remember it offhand
  • To cross-check if your number was ported correctly after switching to Robi
  • To avoid confusion between numbers when using multiple SIM cards
  • To ensure you gave contacts the right number

Luckily, Robi makes it easy to find out your number. You simply dial a USSD code from your phone and your Robi mobile number will be displayed.

What is the Robi SIM Number Check Code?

The Robi SIM number check code is:


This code is specific to Robi and only works for Robi mobile numbers. It’s a Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code that you enter like a phone number on your Robi SIM mobile phone.

When you dial this code and press call or send, your assigned Robi mobile number will be directly displayed on your phone’s screen.

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To use the Robi number check code:

  • Open the phone dialer on your Robi SIM mobile phone
  • Enter 1402*4#
  • Hit the call or send button
  • Your 10-digit Robi mobile number will be displayed

It’s that simple!

The key things to note when using this USSD code:

  • Don’t include country code or add zero before the number
  • Make sure your Robi SIM has sufficient balance for the code to work
  • Only works for Robi mobile numbers – not other operators

Now that you know the secret Robi SIM number check code, let’s go over some reasons why you may want to use it.

Why Check Your Robi SIM Number?

There are a variety of situations where it can be helpful to quickly confirm your assigned Robi phone number using the USSD code.

1. Forgot your mobile number

It happens to most of us – you need to provide your phone number but can’t remember it off the top of your head. Rather than trying to dig through paperwork or asking contacts, just use the Robi number check code for an instant reminder.

2. Cross-check number porting

If you recently switched to Robi from another mobile operator, you can verify that your number was ported over correctly by checking it with the Robi code. This ensures any contacts that have your old number can still reach you.

3. Avoid confusion between multiple SIMs

Using the Robi number check code lets you easily distinguish between numbers if you use more than one SIM card. No more mixups!

4. Confirm the number you gave is correct

After giving someone your phone number, you can double check that you provided the right one by using the Robi number check code. This prevents incorrect numbers.

5. Troubleshoot issues

If you’re having problems receiving calls or texts, checking your Robi number can help identify if the issue is on your end.

Knowing your mobile number is important. The Robi SIM card code makes it quick and convenient anytime you need to confirm your phone number.

SIM Number Check Codes for Other Bangladeshi Operators

The Robi mobile number check code only works for Robi SIM cards. If you use another mobile operator in Bangladesh, there are USSD codes to check those SIM numbers as well:

  • Grameenphone: Dial 2# or 1118* to check your Grameenphone number.
  • Banglalink: Dial *511# to display your Banglalink mobile number.
  • Airtel: Airtel SIM number can be checked by dialing 1217*3#.
  • Teletalk: To reveal Teletalk mobile number, dial *551#.

So regardless of which mobile operator you use in Bangladesh, you can find your assigned SIM number quickly using these handy codes. Simply dial the code for your provider and your number will be displayed.

Next we’ll go over some troubleshooting tips in case you have any problems using the Robi or other SIM number check codes.

Troubleshooting Tips for SIM Number Check Codes

In most cases, the Robi and other SIM number check codes will work smoothly. But occasionally you may encounter issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Insufficient balance – Make sure your SIM has enough balance to use the code. Top up if needed.
  • Typed code incorrectly – Double check that you entered the right code for your mobile operator.
  • Restart phone – Sometimes turning your phone off and on again can resolve temporary glitches.
  • Check service settings – Ensure mobile data/cellular service is enabled if having connection issues.
  • Try again later – Network congestion during busy times can prevent codes from going through.
  • Switch SIM slots – Try the SIM in another phone slot/device to isolate device issues.
  • Contact customer support – If you still can’t get the number check code to work after the above steps, contact your mobile operator for assistance.

Following these tips should help resolve most common problems with using SIM card number check codes. Knowing your mobile number is important, so persist until the code works successfully.


To quickly check your Robi mobile number, simply dial 1402*4# from your Robi SIM phone. This handy USSD code provides an instant way to confirm your Robi phone number anytime you need it.

Some key takeaways:

  • The Robi SIM number check code is 1402*4#
  • Enter the code and press call/send to display your number
  • Useful for confirming your number if forgotten or after switching SIMs
  • Works only for Robi mobile numbers
  • Ensure your SIM has sufficient balance

Checking your mobile number with the Robi code can save you time and confusion in many situations. Now you have this tool readily available whenever needed.

For additional tips and information for Robi customers, visit the Robi website or contact their customer support. And use the number check codes outlined above if you use other mobile operators like Grameenphone, Banglalink, Airtel or Teletalk.

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